Past seasons/shows

Here’s where our past seasons of shows are all linked for catching up with all the past nonsense we’ve blabbered about!


Episode 1: Buell & Consequences
Episode 2: Bounce Houses, Not Bands
Episode 3: Hooker Castle
Episode 4: My Friend, Bud Miller
Episode 5: Viking on A Van
Episode 6: Dead Animal Farkles
Episode 7: Motorcycle Narcolepsy
Episode 8: The +6 Strom of Social Life Slaying
Episode 9: Hover Bears
Episode 10: New Energy Snacks
Episode 11: Gumming Up The Works
Episode 12: Robot Invasion
Episode 13: Janitorial Dreams
Episode 14: Terrible Fan Service
Episode 15: Garage Bland
Episode 16: Kilogram of Silver
Episode 17: So Many Bananas
Episode 18: Listener Unappreciation
Episode 19: Sofa King Buell
Episode 20: Value Add Service
Episode 21: The Call of Nature


Episode 22: RYOGDFR
Episode 23: Godzilla Suit Parenting
Episode 24: Imitation Todd Flavored Substitute Topping
Episode 25: The Great Chuck Conspiracy
Episode 26: It Blue!
Episode 27: Adventure Hurts!
Episode 28: Chuck Has to Go!
Episode 29: CALL JAY!
Episode 30: It’s Not a Purse
Episode 31: Your Mom Was Right
Episode 32: Butt Speakers
Episode 33: Wouldn’t Mind A Statue
Episode 34: Phoning It In
Episode 35: Test 107
Episode 36: Karmic Llama
Episode 37: Unheard Of
Episode 38: OK
Episode 39: Genetically Hippie
Episode 40: Emotions Run High
Episode 41: Gravity Surge
Episode 42: Optimum Buell Gas Mileage


Episode 43: My New Girlfriend
Episode 44: Moment of Force
Episode 45: Suburban Imposter
Episode 46: Genuine Volkswagon Parts
Episode 47: 30,000 Chickens
Episode 48: Low Cut T-shirts
Episode 49: RUN
Episode 50: Emergency Wine
Episode 51: Four Pound Clodhammer
Episode 52: Generous
Episode 53: Socialist Bears
Episode 54: Massage Parlor Trivia
Episode 55: Buy the Glized
Episode 56: The Future, Dude
Episode 57: Fine Toddco Products
Episode 58: Gas Station
Episode 59: Ghost Rider’s A Pimp
Episode 60: Grand Theft Goldwing
Episode 61: Hamburger Jacket
Episode 62: Gravy Hose
Episode 63: Doghouse Insurance Claim
Episode 64: Styro-Lounger
Episode 65: Take That, The Pace
Episode 66: German Elf Training
Episode 67: Slushmaster 5000
Episode 68: King In His Castle
Episode 69: Handlebar Mustache
Episode 70: Close Personal Friends


Episode 71: The Baggage of Nurses
Episode 72: Child Protective Services
Episode 73: Fat Kid Trickster
Episode 74: Take That
Episode 75: Fargo And Friends
Episode 76: Todd’s Flat
Episode 77: Solid State Adventure
Episode 78: Jam In Amps
Episode 79: Poopcatcher
Episode 80: Missadventuring
Episode 81: Glorious Leader Stoppies
Episode 82: Ascot Outta Compton
Episode 83: Mr Adventure Time
Episode 84: Boobie Movie Tail
Episode 85: Ducwalifications
Episode 86: Beak Envy
Episode 87: Bring On The Scab
Episode 88: Swuade Pants Blues
Episode 89: Twerking It Chuck
Episode 90: Bad with Electricity
Episode 91: Russian Roundtable
Episode 92: And Todd
Episode 93: Terrible Fathers inc
Special: Podapalooza


Episode 95: Is This Thing On?
Episode 96: But Will It Porn?
Episode 97: Is It Getting Bumpy?
Episode 98: Did You Poke It?
Episode 99: Are You Getting Enough Fiber?
Episode 100: How Did You Get This Number?
Episode 101: Who Is Todd Pushing?
Episode 102: Will It Potato?
Episode 103: What Did You Do Chuck?
Episode 104: Have You Been Tested
Episode 105: Can We Still Say That?
Episode 106: Are Those Dad Shorts?
Episode 107: Got Some Doughnuts?
Episode 108: Do You Hear That?
Episode 109: Is That Enough Pockets?
Episode 110: How Do I Say No?
Episode 111: What’s For Sale Now?
Episode 112: Do You Like Filleroni?
Episode 113: Who Is This?
Episode 114: Do You Have A Mixtape?
Episode 115: You’re Going Where?
Episode 116: Did You Drop A Beat?
Episode 117: Did You Throw A Kit On That?
Episode 118: Did You Say A Command?
Episode 119: Do You Miss A Todd?
Episode 120: Do You Beard?
Episode 121: Why Does Erik Hate Chuck?
Xmas Special: Back To the Future Chuck





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